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Cold-pressed juice is filled with active (live) enzymes, vitamins and minerals and its nutrient density is the reason it has grown so much in popularity. The product can be identified by its short expiration date of 3 days. A longer expiration date would likely indicate that the nutrition is no longer live and has been killed off in some way. Processes such as HPP (High Pressure Processing) and Flash Freezing prevent spoilage for longer durations and is obviously only serving the interests of retailers selling the juice. Why would you want to drink a juice that costs over $10 that has little to no nutritional value? Wouldn’t you just prefer to have some Welch’s concord grape juice in that case or even some fresh squeezed orange juice!?

It takes about 4 pounds of fresh, organic fruit and/or vegetables to provide the level of nutrition found in any 500ml bottle of ELXR juice (or any cold press juice brand). If one attempted to eat this quantity of fruits or veggies in a single sitting, one would experience extreme digestive (gastrointestinal) discomfort due to the excessive fiber content. With fruit and vegetable juices your body can easily absorb the vital nutrients while giving the gastrointestinal track a well-deserved break from all the fiber! Leafy greens are high in alkalizing minerals however require huge amounts of energy to digest. Fruits are a lot more ideal for the human system due to their vitamins, high content of water and electrical energy. (Fruits are best eaten whole as the cellulose slows down the release of sugars into the bloodstream.) The key is to conserve some of your body’s energy so that it may heal itself.

Consumption of alkaline food ensures detoxification and is of the utmost importance to your health! Cold-pressed juice has an alkaline chemistry and in turn the ability to dissolve build up in the body. Alkalinity=Detox!!! These energy-rich, fruit and vegetable juices help our body to break up any deposits caused by acids and toxins that accumulate over time. (i.e. kidney stones, obesity, gout, tumor, cysts etc.) Some of the most well respected natural doctors speaking about detoxification and disclosing how to achieve optimal health include Dr. Peter Jentschura (Germany) and Dr. Robert Morse (Florida). They have both helped thousands of people and are probably some of the only real trust-worthy doctors out there. According to Dr. Morse (and perfectly logical when you think about it) our bodies are only made up of two major fluids. The blood gets all the attention and the lymphatic system, our other major fluid, is ignorantly left out of the equation. “Lymph Stagnation,” the primary root issue that these doctors see in their patients, is nothing but the backlogging of harmful substances (acids and toxins) and are relatively easily dissolved and removed.

Alkalization is the foundation of every healthy body. Humans are naturally quite alkaline as all the fluids are meant to be alkaline apart from the stomach acids. Alkaline foods soothe and heal inflamed tissues and can be compared to winter or cold. Acid foods are hot, like fire and corrode or 'burn' the tissues resulting in inflammation.

Fruits, berries and melons are the highest vibrational foods on the planet! They contain a high amount of vitamins and water. The water really gets the kidneys cleansing out harmful acids, cleaning out the lymphatic system! Fruits are delicious and provide you with energy! There is an overwhelming amount of misinformation out there regarding the sugar in fruit; fructose. Fructose is a monosaccharide (mono, meaning single or one) 'saccharide' meaning sugar. People go on about the sugar being high in fruits but then eat bread. A piece of bread probably has 100 times more sugar than a piece of watermelon!!! Because of the fact that bread is a complex sugar, polysaccharide (poly, meaning many), and contains many sugars. Fructose is a simple sugar and converts quickly into energy (ATP) within a cell without the need for the hormone insulin’s help! (Unlike the sugar found in vegetables, glucose, which may be considered inferior for this reason.) Glucose depends on insulin to transport it into cells, only then allowing it to be converted to energy for use by humans.

Through detoxification one experiences regeneration of every energy system in the body! To achieve this level of healing one must begin with their diet and lifestyle choices. It is important to live on the alkaline-side of chemistry as this prevents the accumulation of harmful substances in the body. This ultimately ensures a life filled with wellness, vibrancy and vigor!

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For your cleanse I recommend choosing 6 juices for each day of your cleanse! Believe it or not, the fruit juices may provide more of the detox benefits while the green juices work to provide essential minerals necessary to neutralize acids being released by the cleanse. The greens juices are great for people with blood sugar issues and those looking for a more gentle detox experience. So try to give yourself at least two green juices later in the day when creating your cleanse package. While waters containing activated charcoal can assist with the removal of harmful substances the most success comes from the juices themselves. The 'mylks' (nut milks) may help a beginner as they are hearty and satisfying, especially if the need for something more filling arises. However the 'mylks' do slow down the detoxification and are not normally recommended during a cleanse.

Have fun on your detox journey and feel free to reach out with any questions about Regenerative Detoxification!





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