About Us

The Healing Junction was founded by Jeanette Annecchini. (Last name has a ‘key’ sound in it, like in Rei-‘ki’! ;))

Usui Holy Fire 🔥 2nd degree Reiki Practitioner, Certified Alkaline Health Coach, Regenerative 🌈 Detoxification Specialist & Clinical Iridologist 👀.

Jeanette is a dynamic leader with a light-hearted approach to sharing experiential knowledge.

She is a well sought-after lecturer, healer and empath.

Specialties include energy healing, emotional therapy, the Alkaline-Acid Balance, ‘The Great Lymphatic System’& Regenerative Detoxification.

Some of Jeanette's most influential teachers have been Taylor A. Norris (Maui), Dr. Peter Jentschura (Germany) and Dr. Robert Morse (Florida).

Tapping into spiritual guidance🕊, providing  education and sharing in storytelling, Jeanette serves to enlighten and empower her clients!

The desire 🙏🏽💖 is to help people feel at ease + gain an overall understanding of true healing.

"May you always be and give love."  

~Dr Robert Morse


Jeanette has received extensive training, from true nature-paths, naturopathic doctors, herbalists and biochemists, including her specialized certifications from Dr. Peter Jentschura in Germany, 2010 - 2011 (Certified Alkaline Health Coach) and Dr. Robert Morse in Florida, 2015 - 2018 (Clinical Iridology, Cellular Botanicals Protocols and Regenerative Detoxification).

Jeanette is available to prepare your personalized Iris Analysis and botanical protocols. Find out more here.


🌿 Founder of The Raw Reset Private Facebook Group for our Regenerative Detox Community! Join here !
🌿 Alkaline Health Coach Certification, Germany 2011
🌿 Clinical Iridologist Certification, Florida 2016
🌿 25+ years in the Holistic Health Field
🌿 6 Years Raw, Alkaline Lifestyle of Abundance & Vitality
🌿 6 Years Iridology & Regenerative Detox Coaching In-Clinic, Ervanaria Victoria, Toronto
🌿 40 Days on Concord Grape Juice w/ Lemon
🌿 Multiple 9 day long fasts on juice mixed with Dry Fasting (always speak to a professional detox coach before attempting on your own - see 'Notice')
🌿 1.5 years Reiki Practitioner

Previous Keynote Speaker Engagements

🌿 ISOD (International School of Detoxification) 2018
🌿 Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference (put on by the CSNN) 2013
🌿 Whole Life Expo 2013 and 2017
🌿 Total Health Show 2012 and 2013
🌿 Dr Peter Jentschura Professional Training 2010 - 2011
🌿 Holistic Trade Shows 2010 - 2015 (25+ holistic companies served!)


Featured Lectures:

Alkalize to Detox & Regenerate


Jeanette's blog chronicles her own incredible healing journey from ‘Hellville’ to ‘Wellville’

...physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Valuable guidance and a truly WHOLElistic view will assist you in making the necessary changes to achieve perfect health!

Jeanette's fascination with holistic health began at the age of 17 while Jeanette was in high school and worked part-time in a health food store in a suburban neighborhood. (Read more about Jeanette's healing journey HERE.) She continued to grow and evolve from there, taking on different paths within the natural health products industry and has worked in the industry for 25+ years!

Although most of her learning came first-hand from her personal experience overcoming health issues, her focus always remains with educating and empowering others and connecting them to natural remedies.

The overall message is and always will be, getting back to nature with its incredible gifts!


My grandmother, 'Nanna Mary'...my inspiration and role model and the most positive woman I've ever known! We believe everyone can live to 120 years old and be healthy, free of pain or dis-ease and eventually pass away peacefully.

The Healing Junction is a meeting point for people with a passion for health and vitality! Jeanette built The Healing Junction around a love for connecting people to holistic resources and sharing her knowledge on the Alkaline-Acid Balance, alkalizing lifestyle choices like Yoga and Meditation, Lymphatic Iridology and Regenerative Detoxification.

The Healing Junction strives to offer only the most relevant information about health and healing.

It aligns itself with health professionals, health food manufacturers and suppliers that display integrity and a passion for human and environmental health.

The Healing Junction suggests the most unique and effective herbal formulas, alkaline-forming foods and body care products. Products that are designed to help one achieve an optimal state of health and facilitate healing are the focus. We pride ourselves on choosing only the most natural products, proven to support and facilitate your goals toward better health and nutrition.

Products inspired by mother nature help connect us to our true state; joy and happiness!