Regenerative Detoxification


"Detoxification is the golden key to health and healing."  Dr. Robert Morse, ND (45 years experience helping hundreds of thousands of people heal naturally of every known dis-ease, 3 PhDs. My mentor, teacher, guru.) 

Here's as much information I could possibly offer in this way, in regards to everything we know and do to heal the body naturally!

We know that the foundational energetics of chemistry are acid and alkaline. So all we need to understand about chemistry in relation to our health is this and this alone! There are only the two sides, and that's it!!! What side of the fence are YOU on!? It has been proven that cancer only lives in an acidic environment and that alkalizing one's body is key to optimal health and healing.

I know this sounds like I am over simplifying things but health IS actually quite simple once you understand that the body requires a specific acid-alkaline balance of 20% acid and 80% alkali. There isn't just one obvious thing that may cause an acidic state in the body and where acids and toxins come from can be so confusing that you may feel it would just be easier to give up and continue your acidifying and toxic indulgences. Since alkalizing your body results in detoxification, one would assume that an alkaline diet would resolve their health problems that we know, arise only from a toxic and over-acidified body, and that they could therefore be able to reverse any state of dis-ease. The secret however is not only the diet but it lies in many different avenues.

Its important to learn to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit. This may be achieved through behavioral and lifestyle changes, positive thoughts and emotions and yes, of course, an alkaline-forming diet. These all lead to alkaline reactions in the body. They themselves are not responsible however, for the detoxification. It is simply the body's natural way; to rid itself of harmful substances due to its innate survival mechanism.

The necessary behavioral, lifestyle, attitude and diet changes are at the core of this response and only by creating the ideal environment for the body, may the alkaline response be possible. What you breathe in, drink/eat and put on your skin, contributes greatly to your own chemistry. These are ways we bring the outside world in! So if you want to feel better but you're using toxic skin care products, STOP!!! Smoking? Please STOP!!! Household cleaners that are laden with chemicals are also a big fat NO NO! Do keep in mind though that your thoughts and feelings play a huge role in your health as well!

Positive thoughts and feelings of happiness, love, joy and peace, as well as time for rest, contemplation, prayer or meditation (without a religious connotation) and being outside in fresh air and daylight, are all great ways to promote alkalinity. 

Now can you see that health and healing are actually quite simple? Remember everything really just comes down to energy and chemistry.

A classic example of how intelligent the body is and how it knows to heal itself when provided the proper chemistry (alkaline) is demonstrated when an injured mountain lion after an attack in the jungle lays there for days appearing dead, only to get up after the three days fully healed! The resting state is extremely alkalizing and fasting is a great way to promote healing. You really won't fully know until you attempt some of these approaches yourself and see how you feel!!! (Always seek the guidance and support of a detoxification specialist when considering a fast or detox program.)

Society today is too caught up with nutrition! Yes, we get it, foods that are nutritive are great for us! We need to realize though why Jesus and Moses fasted for 40 days and why so many cultures have fasted throughout the ages! 80% of our body's energy is used on digestion!!! Imagine if you free up some of that energy how much energy goes to YOU and to healing the body of any ailments!!! For anyone who has tried juice fasting, fruit fasting, lemon water or just water fasting or even dry fasting, you will know how much waste your body naturally removes from itself through the bladder, skin and colon. Its incredible that giving the digestive system a break allows all this elimination to take place. One of the best ways to check for proper elimination is to pee in a glass jar! Seriously, you will want to collect all of the first morning urine and examine it! If it is clear, your kidneys are not filtering!!! Usually when you're fasting you will see an extra amount of cloudiness to the urine which indicates ample waste removal!!!

Other great ways to ensure proper elimination is to perform wet or dry skin brushing daily(check out the proper direction in which to brush the skin here), and promote sweating. Why do you think sweat lodges were so popular? The natives knew how important proper elimination through the skin truly is! Those of you who are very active, please keep in mind that lactic acid is a natural bi-product of overexertion of the muscle tissues and is even created from getting up off the couch to turn off the TV. (Does anyone even do that!? Well point taken, yes?) Keep exercise to a minimum when detoxing. Yoga, swimming and walking are the only recommended forms of exercise during a fast. Last but not least, make sure you are moving your bowels!!! Two movements a day, minimum, is ideal. If this is not the case for you, reach out about gentle and non habit-forming herbs that may help.

What’s important to note though is that its not only the newly available energy that creates the desirable environment for the body’s healing to take place and for it to detoxify itself. But the so-called “sewer system” of the body, the lymphatic system, needs to be cleaned through alkalizing. When hydration is present which is alkaline, and there are no foreign proteins coming in, amazing things will begin to happen! Cholesterol goes down in the vascular system, calcification breaks apart and calcium can re-enter the thyroid gland, thereby making it useful to rebuild structure. Hardened deposits like fat stores, kidney stones and gout are dissolved and eliminated and old, hardened, mucous that have been obstructions to the flow of lymph, can be removed! 

A fruit fast is one of the best ways to try a fast for your first time and is extremely hydrating and alkalizing. I recently did one for my first time and it was incredible!!! Basically you choose 10, 20 or 30 days or more and just eat fruits, berries and melons! You may allow one coconut and one medium avocado per day however these fruits are high in fats and contain some proteins so will slow down the cleanse a bit. I know I really needed them only because I felt that 10 days would feel too long without these hardy fruits. If you really want to go hard, you may omit these and just focus on the really astringent and hydrating fruits like lemons, grapes and watermelon. Bananas are delightful and SO good for you but are not detoxifying due to their low water content, yet can still be included in the fast of course! (Spotted only so the starches have turned into simple, easily digestible sugars.)

The key with eating a full fruit diet is to follow proper food combining. (i.e. no sweet fruits such as bananas, and dates with acid fruits like oranges and other citrus fruits. Email us for more info on food combining.) You may prepare a large fruit salad or better yet a mono-fruit meal meaning just one type of fruit per meal, making it even easier to digest. Fruits are the most electrical ( great for the nervous system = 'brain food') and the most easily digested foods on the planet! The key is to eat as much as you want, whenever you feel hungry and simply eat until you are satisfied and not overly full. So a lunch consisting of 3 or 4 bananas would be perfectly fine and desirable perhaps even with a few dates! (A complete amino acid profile like a complete protein but more easily assimilated. Remember you are not consuming complex carbohydrates like grains and therefore what seems like a lot of sugar is actually quite a lot less than you think as fruits contain mostly water and vitamins along with sugars called, monosaccharides, which are simple sugars, mono means one, and convert to energy very very quickly. Complex carbs are polysaccharides and therefore "poly" meaning multiple sugars and their break down into energy is slow while requiring insulin a hormone to convert them to a usable source of energy. Lastly, dried fruit that does not contain added sulfur such as white mulberries (my fave), coconut date rolls,golden berries and goji berries may be enjoyed on a fruit fast in small quantities as well but remember they do not have the important hydrating (pulling) action to them, like grapes and other watery fruits do. If you are thinking about doing a fruit fast or any other fast, it is important to omit coffee and go fully raw for 4-7 days (7 being ideal) prior to the fast and completely eliminate any and all animal products from your diet. When it comes time to break your fast, consult with a professional on how to do this safely and properly. There was a man once who broke a fast with boiled potatoes and died, so please, educate yourself and obtain the proper guidance!!!

I will always remember my very first fast EVER! It was the summer of '15 and I choose to try a juice fast for 4 days. That was when I realized what a difference it can make to free up all the energy that would normally be used for digestion, for a while and allow it to go elsewhere, where its most needed for healing. Day 1 and 2 were not so great to say the least, only because your weaknesses are really brought right in front of your face when you detox! So because of a previous car accident which resulted in whiplash and pain in the c-spine, I could barely move my neck for those first two days!!! It was incredible and I was grateful even though I was suffering because it showed me how quickly when given the opportunity the body begins to heal itself! By day 3 and 4 though I was free of pain all together and was bouncing out of bed requiring way less sleep than usual to feel my best! My motivation to try the juice fast was the pain I was experiencing at the time in my neck, jaw and jaw joints, shoulders and the surrounding connective tissues and facia in my upper back since the car accident which was approximately 8 months of suffering in total that I experienced. For people who are familiar with that level of pain, they will relate to having the feeling that they can not ever fully relax or feel comfortable in their body. In my personal situation, it got to the point where I had to carry an ice pack around with me to work, the pain got so bad! So you can see how amazing it was for me to finally be pain free by day 3 of a juice fast!!! Of course once I began to reintroduce acid forming foods such as meat (yes that means chicken and fish too which are also considered meat or the flesh of dead animals, sorry to say it like this), dairy (I thought goat's milk was fine) and coffee...all BIG acidifiers, and all BIG no-no's, the pain returned. Finally I was getting it!!!

ACIDS = Inflammation/Pain

So I eliminated those from my diet and BANG, better again! Its so simple actually. If you are feeling confused about what to eat, you have found the right site!!! (Note: Matcha green tea has been my saving grace after quitting the java.) :-) 

ALKALI, on the other hand are cool and put out the "fire"! They are hydrating as well which means moving/cleansing whereas acids are stagnant creating more and more obstructions in the body, i.e. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, excess mucous. Its actually not even the alkaline-forming foods or thoughts/emotions that get your body detoxing, its just the body's own survival instinct. Every life form wants to live and when given the proper chemistry will cleanse and strengthen itself.

For anyone suffering with pain, inflammation, a lack of energy, depression and any other state of dis-ease, please consider trying a juice fast, fruit fast or water fast! It will be a HUGE eye opener for you and help to free you from discomfort. One lesson I learned that I feel will help you a lot if you are experiencing symptoms of poor health or any discomfort whatsoever, is that we are not our bodies. When I heard Dr. Morse say those words it was like a light turned on inside me that was never there before! Finally I could separate my sense of "self" from my body! This alone helped me to not feed into the symptoms and to feel free of them all together, emotionally. You have to ask yourself ultimately, who's the one in control? For example most of us know someone who aside from their current state of dis-ease, is optimistic and enjoying life! These are people who are able to put less emphasis of the health of their physical body and focus on living from their heart and spirit primarily. Although it may be a struggle for most people to live this way, especially when the body is not at ease, some are just more in touch with that side of themselves and know how to be free from the mind. The mind, as we know, is the source of a lot of suffering. Learn to control your emotions and who you truly are! Always treat yourself and your body with love and care.

I look forward to being of assistance in your own personal journey. As Dr. Morse would say, "Only when someone can heal themself, can they heal others."

Love to all beings,