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Jeanette's Healing Journey

Jeanette's personal story and her real motivation to dig deeper into health and healing...   "It wasn't until 2013 that the veil was lifted and I knew changes were a must if I had any chance of feeling well again. Most of the severe symptoms occurred in 2012 which began with wheezing in the lungs, sinus congestion, allergies with chronic sneezing and indigestion. The worst of it though, was when my jaw dislocated on its own one morning! I was in such a state of panic that that was when my search truly began! I didn't stop searching for the root of the problem and once I realized what had happened, I began the work to heal it, but I just...

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A Newfound Sense of Self-Compassion

Who would ever have thought it would take 38 years to get to this point of view!? Ah, I figure it's better now than never! Ever since I can remember I've been really quite hard on myself. The goal setting. The critical way I'd speak to myself. You should be doing this, you shouldn't be doing that...basically I was never happy with where I was truly at, at any given point in my life, no matter where I was in the world or who I was with. Finally it became painfully obvious. The overwhelming achievement-based thinking and overall negative self-talk (the programming) had to stop! The mental state of satisfaction or contentment is the ultimate state of being. This is...

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