Iridology is a science discovered over 80 years ago by a surgeon.

Dr Bernard Jensen, an American Chiropractor, practiced Iridology for 75 years. He emphasized the damage that acids and toxins do to the body and the health and focused on a raw, vegetarian diet.

Jin takes this further with her specialized Raw Reset Program which supports the body's natural elimination, purification and regeneration processes. 

All the cells in your body are reflected in the iris of your eye!

Through the nervous system, magnetically, the condition of your cells of your body are revealed... Every tissue, organ and gland!

Iridology teaches how to read the iris signs in the eye so you can see your genetic strengths / weaknesses and the level of those such as acute, sub acute, chronic and degenerative. 

Iridology Reveals the Current Condition of Your Lymphatic System!

The Lymph system is the key or missing link to the reason everyone is frantically trying to get healthy while they "treat this and treat that - and none of it works."  ~Dr Robert Morse

First off you have to understand our species and what we are designed to eat.

You have to also, most importantly understand the lymphatic system.

The eyes reveal this important system which most don’t know about… some NDs have an idea of it. MDs don’t have a clue. We’re the ones who have brought this into light... Move that lymph baby!!!

Interested to get Your Iris Analysis?

You visit me for a 1:1 consult at my clinic near Trinity Bellwoods in Toronto (see below to schedule appointment).

I provide you with high-quality iris photos so that the Iris Analysis may be conducted. The Analysis outlines the health of your entire system as described above.

An Iris Analysis is recommended to see what exactly we are working with and decide which herbal protocol may be recommended however because the Health Questionnaire supports this as well, the Iris Analysis is optional.

Rate of Iris Analysis; $155 (taxes included) or if you provide exceptional quality, macro lens photos save $20 and avoid in person, can do virtually!

Note; It can take up to 7 days following your iris scan to complete and have your iris report delivered to you electronically. 

From your Iris Analysis and/or your completed Health Questionnaire, I will identify areas of your body that require special attention and then create a herbal protocol which allows you to really dig deeper. (Herbs are not included.)

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