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ūüĆŅ¬† Vitality Coaching, Iridology + Regenerative Detoxification
ūüĆŅ¬†Learn¬†YOUR best approach for healing and forever be enlightened and empowered!!!

The aim is to provide the means and possibilities to achieve an optimal state of health.

Utilizing the tried and true healing modalities; Regenerative Detoxification and Lymphatic Iridology.

An Iris Analysis identifies genetic strengths + weaknesses to assist the focus when it comes to the specific botanicals that will be used.

Experience a lighter, more connected, energetic state! More peace of mind & clarity!

We create customized dietary recommendations and support your transition over to a primarily raw, living, alkaline diet.

The alkaline lifestyle and utilizing specific herbs and personalized herbal protocols is a huge part of my Raw Reset Program ~ making important lifestyle changes contributes immensely to your healing!

Discover and address systemic acidosis and specific weaknesses in glands, organs and tissues of the body through Iridology. This science was discovered almost 100 years ago! Some of you may already be familiar with Dr Bernard Jensen - he practiced Iridology for 75 years helping hundreds of thousands of people to heal naturally!

Simply allow the detoxification process to occur as you provide the proper chemistry to the body and implement various regeneration methods. 

Delve into the many new and exciting tools and resources - all geared to support one on the journey to Wellville!


Through consulting with Jin, one may expect a new sense of Vitality!⠀

Accepting Committed Coaching Clients ONLY; Inquire Within

  • Jin curates a program that is perfectly suited to you!
  • We meet via Zoom or in person and discuss your main complaints and Jin provides resources & real-time solutions to support your healing NOW!
  • Includes Herbal Protocol, and Dietary Recommendations for Regenerative Healing + Purification
  • OPTIONAL Iris Analysis
Many options + levels of detoxification are offered. 


Jeanette in-joy's the process of guiding you through the detoxification journey! … As you work your way toward Wellville the inevitable detox and healing reactions will surely arise! Gradual changes to your diet and lifestyle leave you feeling empowered and vibrant! It is however a journey!

I am here to advise and coach in the event there is a Healing Reaction/Event that may cause you to want to quit your detoxification journey‚Ķ I can help ‚Äėwalk u off the ledge‚Äô so to say! lol* (See asterisk below for fees.¬†


Additional Services:

Jeanette is a Usui Holy Fire 2nd degree Reiki practitioner. Reiki is offered virtually and potential in-person sessions (please inquire) 

The skepticism in me ran deep in terms of this modality for many years. 20 years in the holistic health field afforded me an excess of introductions to individuals offering Reiki however I had concerns about the person's energy and having their hands on my body.

When Reiki found me during COVID, I needed it greatly and noticed huge benefits! My teacher was offering distant sessions and this served me well as a newbie. Now I have the knowledge of what Reiki truly is and how it never causes harm nor does the practitioner exchange their energy with the client.

My clients report feeling a 'warm sensation' running through their body ... please check out my testimonies here.

Learn more about Reiki here. 

Being a Part of Your Journey to Wellville Means the World to Me!

There are many of us Detoxification Specialists eager to offer the necessary support + guidance to you on your healing journey! We are acting like lighthouses worldwide to spread the truth + awareness around how the body may heal itself naturally!


Holistic Businesses + Healing Centers

A Potential Co-Creation to bring individuals within the Greater Toronto Area to your healing center. ūüėĆ

Jeanette consults on the latest and best healing practices in Regenerative Healing + Detoxification and throws Raw Food Creations and Education into the mix!

Click HERE to discuss further. Thank you for your consideration!