Regenerative Healing


 Certified Alkaline Health Coach (Germany 2010 - 2011)

Certified Detoxification Specialist + Clinical Iridologist (Florida 2015 - 2018)

Jeanette has studied under many senior teachers over the past 25 years in the fields of yoga, meditation + wholistic healing

Jeanette specializes in Regenerative Detoxification and The Alkaline-Acid Balance. Some of her most influential teachers are Dr Robert Morse (Florida) and Dr Peter Jentschura (Germany). Her 20 years working in the health food industry and experimenting on her own body in an effort to heal herself, has allowed Jeanette to speak from a place of knowingness that quickly resonates as truth with her clients. One feels a sense of ease, knowing that there is in fact hope! The body is the healer!

Learn YOUR best approach for healing and forever be enlightened and empowered!!!

The aim is to provide the means and possibilities to achieve an optimal state of health. Utilizing the tried and true healing modalities; Regenerative Detoxification and Lymphatic Iridology.

Experience a lighter, more connected, energetic state by developing a primarily alkaline diet, utilizing specific herbs and personalized herbal protocols and making important lifestyle changes!

Discover and address systemic acidosis and specific weaknesses in glands, organs and tissues of the body.

Simply allow the detoxification process to occur as you provide the proper chemistry to the body and implement various regeneration methods. 

Delve into the many new and exciting tools and resources - all geared to support one on the journey to Wellville!

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Learn why detoxification through the proper alkaline-acid balance is crucial to your well being, how to get started and gain vital support from leading Detoxification Specialists. The Great Lymphatic System (the TRUE IMMUNE SYSTEM) in most individuals is backlogged with acids and toxins creating stagnation and degeneration. The Body is the Healer! With proper support, it has the ability to regenerate and heal all by itself! The focus is health in its simplicity!!!

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