“It was a serendipitous experience when I met Jin (Jeanette). I was in a very dis-empowered, hopeless and saddened state in regards to my health condition. Jin appeared at the perfect time, much like how she operates: intuitively.
Jeanette is bright, open, curious, a non-judgmental listener and lighthearted. I felt at home talking to her about my health, and I regained hope for my future! 
Jeanette has an open, patient, intuitive and holistic approach to well being that has me very calm in my transition to an alkalizing, raw plant & friut-based lifestyle. 
Jeanette has brought a long forgotten sparkle to my eye, that I almost forgot was always there. She reminded me of my own gut feeling and intuitive approach to eating and well being, and that it is safe to trust myself and everything as it unfolds. 
Jeanette’s way of being is so inspiring, she is pure love, and touches everyone she meets with a hug of health. “

Samar Chater, Health and Life Coach. Toronto Canada

I met with Jeanette in Dec 2017 and again for my results in Jan 2018 from the iridology session and started following her protocol and recommendations.  Immediately started to feel better and started to lose unwanted pounds.   Her recommendations are very easy to follow and will last long term as it is a lifestyle change.  It’s important to not be hijacked by processed food.  The food she recommends are from the earth, whole and pure, as well as teas and tinctures to support the recommendation and to help you feel better.  Jeanette is extremely knowledgeable and professional as well as personable and fun.  You will immediately feel at ease.  I lost the needed 12 lbs and still follow her protocol and recommendations.   Looking forward to visiting with Jeanette this year for a follow-up.   Thank you Jeanette! 

Dina A. Toronto ON




I have what most people call eczema, but what I call 'topical steroid withdrawal' or 'red skin syndrome'. After seeing many doctors and dermatologists, the only treatment they would offer me was topical steroids, which is what had caused my skin to get so bad in the first place. These health professionals do not believe or promote the fact that diet can influence the body's healing but are willing to give me a steroid that had lost its efficacy on my skin and given me worse symptoms than what I had dealt with my entire life. I met with Jeanette and she gave me an educational consultation that finally allowed me to see how the different foods I was eating could be contributing to my symptoms. Not only did she say that it would help my 'eczema', but she said that through 'regenerative detoxification' my body could heal itself completely! She warned me that the journey would be difficult but very much worth it. Literally, two weeks into my diet I started noticing a difference in my skin, and I was only on the Level 1 detox. I am now 6 weeks into my detox and I have noticed healing that not even the steroid creams provided. Jeanette has always been there to guide me with any questions or concerns that I have had through the process and has given me options to make the detox as intense or moderate as I would like. I have already recommended her to friends and family that have all types of health issues. Thank you so much Jeanette for the support you have shown me and for your amazing educational resources that have helped me be a more conscious consumer in this world of processing, GMO, and misleading nutritional info.

Melanie Cote, Physiotherapist. Toronto ON 



What I like about Jeanette is that she is totally accessible and totally willing to help whenever needed. Her knowledge of the body is exemplary, I trust her explicitly.

I am so grateful for her help with my health.

Veronica McCarthy - 83 years old. Toronto ON


Jeanette is one of those people who truly want to make the world a better place and you can feel it when you are in her presence. She is a joy to be around, extremely professional and will go out of her way to help her clients.

Working with Jeanette, I found her to be dedicated, devoted and readily available to share her knowledge and experience with me. I am truly grateful for kindness, patience and guidance on my regenerative detoxification process. If you are looking for someone to walk beside you on your own path to healing and wellbeing I would highly recommend Jeanette!

Karen, Toronto ON



Jeanette is such a light, she bring happiness, laughter and lightness to our daily lives.
My husband Felix and I had Jeanette do our Iris Analysis, where we could find many answers to our health through genetic weaknesses and her recommendations.

It was an excellent experience and body discovery! We love her! We thank Jeanette for sharing her abundant knowledge. Yes! Yes to Jeanette from all directions! She is an angel to us!

Pavla and Felix , Toronto ON


I’ve known Jeanette for a few years through yoga. Then when she got certified in Iridology I was very curious. She took such great care, went to extra effort and gave me a FULL daily plan to help with what came up from the Iridology reading. I was beyond impressed, and started to feel better too:-) I would recommend Jeanette to anyone, so dedicated and caring, and just a joy to be around. Thank you Jeanette!! <3

Ella, Yoga & Meditation Teacher. Toronto 


Jeanette is AMAZING! Love seeing her at shows and doing demos in store. So friendly and knowledgeable.

Nikyta Polyak. Toronto 


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Jin @ The International School of Detoxification - Oct 2018