Arnold Ehret's Rational Fasting & The Mucusless-Diet Healing System.

His work has helped tens of thousands of people heal. However it is still relatively unheard of. Only those who seek the truth about health and healing stumble upon Arnold Ehret's work. After being too ill and weak for the Military's standards Arnold Ehret wasn't going to let being kicked out dim his spirits. He decided to begin conducting a series of experiments on himself. He discovered that certain foods cause the body to create excess mucus. Naturopathic doctors and healers to this day have an approach based in this thinking. Their first step of action in advising their patient, is to inform them that they must eliminate dairy and gluten, both of which are the most mucus causing "foods" out there! His discovery was basically that mucus was the cause of every dis-ease. An overall clogging and backlogging of the pipe system so to say, that shuts everything else off. The GI Tract is the root of the tree! Its functionality is crucial! How do you expect it to expel harmful substances if it is backed up with hardened mucus? The digestive capabilities, and absorption/utilization of nutrients as well as elimination are all crucial functions that greatly affect our health.

"No scientific food value tables can convince you of the truth. You must experience it with your cleansed organs, how wrongly you are fooled into believing that you nourish and build up health and efficiency by these foods which are in reality destructive, because they stimulate, or more truthfully, stop the elimination of your old waste until the day of reckoning comes, when you become "officially" sick."  ~Arnold Ehret

Arnold Ehret was truly way ahead of his time though in many ways. He understood by being sick himself and after having been told by many doctors that he had an incurable disease, "Bright's Disease", that he was better off taking his health into his own hands! He had the faith and desire that we are all meant to experience true Vitality! His story is a fascinating one! It was immediately after being removed from the Military that he began doing what he had to do to gain well being. His experiences with fasting were impressive! He would go on a complete fast with minimal water followed by an overall decrease in the amount of food being consumed as well as eating the foods that are designed for our specific species as discussed in his books. He was the first person to correlate specific types of foods with mucus in the body, that are now widely know as mucus-forming such as dairy and animal protein. (Dead animal flesh.) Arnold Ehret discovered that certain foods were more suitable for our species, fresh fruits and green leaf, starchless, veggies. However even back then, this concept of fasting and a species-specific diet for Vitality, was not accepted by the medical authorities.  

Arnold Ehret taught that fasting and minimal eating of an exclusive fruit diet with some leafy greens and herbs was the cure for any state of Dis-Ease.

His experiments on himself resulted in a total transformation of health! Because he could clearly see the positive changes in his appearance, he began attributing a full head of hair and full facial hair on men to true Vitality! He came up with an ingenious equation, V (Vitality) = P (Power) - O (Obstructions). Meaning the more crap you have built up in your body the more power the body needs to use in an attempt to rid itself of these. The result: reduced Vitality or Vigor! So to increase your overall Vitality, decrease your obstructions!!! Obstructions amount to mucus, slime, paste and other harmful substances like acids and toxins. The GI Tract in what I guess to be at least 99% of people is coated with what we call mucoid plaque. It is the same thing that blocks the arteries -- amyloid plaque. This blocks the crucial functions of the body; digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination, impacting your health negatively. The body is forced to work very hard to get what it requires from our food as well as keep up with the elimination of wastes and uses up its energy versus giving it to you!!! Now you see why there are so many incidences of constipation and irritable bowels these days. When fasting the body can remove this plaque along with other foreign substances. Unfortunately only minor healing can occur while eating. A good analogy I heard for this is, we need to turn our car off to give it a car wash, the same is with our body. We must temporarily close up shop - our digestion, in order to switch on the cleansing ability! If fruits are well tolerated one may try a full fruit diet or at the minimum a raw diet with fruits and vegetables for a certain number of days of their choice (eg. 10) to test this out for themselves! It is not a true fast since you will be eating however these are the foods that leave behind the least obstructions so can be still be viewed as a “digestive vacation” in a way. But be careful, once you experience the Vitality, you can never turn back!  

Arnold would challenge himself to see how many push ups or pull ups he could do while fasting. Continually he astonished himself! Eventually he opened a Health Sanitarium (as they were called back in the day) and thousands and thousands of people were healed due to the approach! One of his first patients was a relatively health vegetarian. This person proved that Vitality is directly dependent on there being minimal obstructions in the body, when he hiked 45 miles in the mountains on the 24th day of a fast. His looks improved tremendously after cleaning up his diet and doing intermittent fasting. The strength he gained was remarkable! He spoke about the time when him and a good friend walked continually for 56 hours without feeling tired after a 10 day fast!!! The conclusion is the body is perfectly capable of cleansing and healing itself. Just like with a dirty sponge, you hydrate it with water, then squeeze it out and by repeating that process the dirt is gone.However in the case of the body, it is a diet of sticky mucus and pus from decayed, rotten flesh that may have been consumed at any point along with medications or drugs. All of which can now, once and for all pass through the circulation, be dissolved and finally eliminated all together.

Arnold Ehret made it clear that each individual and their specific condition must be given full consideration. The discomfort and suffering from the very symptoms you are seeking remedy for may pose too threatening and cause more damage as the acids/toxins are being dissolved and stirred up for elimination. The approach is taken in strict accordance with a person's specific symptoms and condition and it is advisable for an expert to coach or consult with the person as the so-called healing crisis' occur. Or as some of my teachers called it, a natural elimination process by the body, a healing reaction. I have learned from my own healing journey to jump for joy when these eliminations take place, as uncomfortable they can be, as it is the body's own healing ability kicking in, purging harmful substances. His patients gained education and insight on how to support the body in its miraculous attempts to be well.

It is amazing that our level of consciousness has been so lacking that these approaches are not widely used. Especially when they remedy the cause of Dis-Ease and allow prevention of re-occurrence. This is displayed in nature when animals fast when they are not well or injured. Have you ever thought about why we lose our appetite when we are sick?

If we as a society were truly interesting in health, more people would know these remedies, we would be taught them in school. We would have lived the lifestyle which best of all, would prevent us from getting sick in the first place! I chalk our suffering up to one common denominator, INDULGENCE!

"The more built up a person is the more gentle the purification needs to be!"   ~Dr Jentschura

This is of course because of the purging the body does when provided the proper environment and support.

Master Lui-Gino Di-Serio, founder of the Master Fast System, teaches that nowadays a long fast drinking solely water, would be too dangerous to attempt. Our world today differs very much from the world Arnold Ehret lived in 100 years ago. Environmental toxins alone! I am a believer in intermittent fasting. But only after the person has learned the importance and has applied the better selection of various healthy foods, ideally for 1-2 years prior to the initial fast. This is due to the chronic states of health in the majority of people today. For that reason being unable to endure a long fast. The teachings of Arnold Ehret outline that he got to a point where he, even back then, was no longer a fan of longer fasts, like 30 or 40 days on only water. He discussed that the main issues with that are that the avenues of circulation contract and continually fill with more and more newly released mucus and dangerous poisons such as old drugs, while at the same time, rotten, old blood that is now being stirred up puts the person at an extreme disadvantage. They do also suffer too from a loss of necessary and vital food elements. This is why Master Gino, developed a safe fasting program that utilizes many herbs in the form of tinctures to provide their amazing nutritive, cleansing and strengthening powers. Watch the video where he interviews me about my experience on 40 days of the Master Fast System here. Another crucial precaution that is implemented in the Master Fast and was taught by Arnold Ehret, is the daily emptying of the bowels by an enema. Ehret felt that even with the relief enemas provide, it was almost torturous to put someone through a long fast due to the healing "reactions". Basically we are on "Nature's Operating Table" and everyone heals in their own unique way so the reactions vary per individual.

I believe the true struggle comes more from an emotional place. Simply the thought of missing one meal may feel daunting to some, let alone restricting food for a longer period, even of just 3 days for example, can seem scary. Also as my mother would say, "most people do not want to give up the fun things life has to offer." Society and our up bringing rule in this regard. We are influenced and conditioned to eat and drink what everyone here eats and drinks and we do it recreationally.

Our entire lives have been built around food and drink. I don't know if people would know how to socialize anymore if those two things were not involved. We are raised with this as the focus at all of our celebrations and family events so much so that we associate eating with love. Especially when a loved one provides a meal for you! Because you were always eating during happy times and while spending time with loved ones so it brings back fond memories and a temporary feeling of happiness. However once you become more conscious you realize that you are just craving more love and that it can’t come from the food! It comes from within. The love for yourself like when you make positive choices to better yourself and your health. So it gets to the point where you just realize, this obsession with food is no longer serving you. I feel better when I eat my fruits, berries and melons! I feel AMAZING actually!

Master Gino of the Master Fast System, like many great teachers learned the hard way when he attempted a long fast without the proper support in place, and put himself in bed with chronic kidney pain. The fast released too many acids/toxins, too quickly that they quite literally "burnt out" the kidneys. We live in too toxic of a world these days and the Master Fast System teaches a safe and effective fasting system, tried and true by thousands now including myself!!! 

Essentially the teachings of Arnold Ehret focus on the fact that no matter the name of the so-called "disease", it can be chalked up to an overall constipation of the body. An entire backlogging or clogging up of the entire pipe system and not just the bowels such that the normal use of the word constipation is linked to. Meaning the lymphatic system, tissues, glands and organs, eliminative system, inclusive of the kidneys, is stagnant and unable to cleanse itself. According to Arnold Ehret all health problems result from an overload of mucus throughout the entire system and this is directly connected to over eating and improper food combining and "wrong foods". We are overly concerned with eating to gain nutrients and the mentality that deficiencies are the cause of our sicknesses. This couldn't be further than the truth as he has proven with the experience of fasting. The theory that strength and Vitality are the result of forced eating of "good, nourishing foods," actually produce the opposite result. Often illness and dis-ease is the outcome as we eat even when we are not hungry, out of recreation or emotion and continually over burden the body. The teachings are that perfect health are directly dependent on the proper digestion and assimilation of food eaten that can be used by the body and is by no means dependent on the amount of food intake.

In his later years Arnold Ehret traveled the globe educating on fasting and the Mucus-less Diet in an attempt to really spread the word about health! He ended up passing away just after completing one of these lectures. He slipped on the ice and cracked his skull open. Tragic but true. I suppose he paid his dues and was destined for bigger and better! The legend still lives on! :)

I was able to get a copy of his books The Mucusless Diet Healing System - Scientific Method of Eating Your Way to Health and Rational Fasting for Physical, Mental & Spiritual Rejuvenation from Indigo for $12.95 CAD each! They're not long books by any means but definitely are of great value indeed! 

It goes without saying that those that fast take total and complete responsibility for their current state of health. This is revealed relatively quickly on a fast as the so-called healing reaction. It indicates a particular area of weakness referred to by Arnold Ehret as the "Magic Mirror." Chemical medications suppress these symptoms and further burden the body with their toxins, not to mention the many potential side effects including fatal events. Choose the road to Vitality! Order Arnold Ehret's books and begin your journey! Yes! It requires you to have faith, patience and courage, but if I could do it, I know you can do it too!!! The only true way to heal is through "Nature's Operating Table!" There is no better time than now!

The Mucusless Diet Healing System provides a safe transition diet for those that may be coming off a SWD (Standard Western Diet) and provides an abundance of information to get you started! You may also seek the counseling of a qualified Detoxifcation Specialist such as myself, before you embark on your journey to optimal health and healing!

Love always,



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