Be Here Now

Being fully in the moment is a wonderfully practise.  Not easy but incredibly worth while! 👍🏽 Today anxiety began to creep in - but I have learned that this is only the mind projecting itself forward to some unknown point of time that has not even occurred. 😯 90% of the things we worry about never actually happen! This is a scientific fact. 🤓 So why then does the mind want to continuously mull over the same 'problems'!? 🤯 Worry is really only a negative form of prayer 🙏 and only brings the things we worry about nearer! So the work is to pull yourself back... (I'm talking to myself 🕊 right now! lol) ...simply be 'the watcher'  behind the thoughts (they are not you!) ... take some breaths and become still, alert and attentive to the moment, exactly as it is now. Notice the thoughts without judgement or attachment. With detached compassion. 😊 Living moment to moment like this allows for the realization 🕊 that really and truly there are not many moments that are absolutely intolerable. (For the most part anyway in our day to day lives.) 🤗

May all beings be happy. 💗

How do your thoughts run wild and what do you do to reign them back in!? Comment 👇🏽


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