Do You Know The SELF?

“In order to see itself, it has to manifest through consciousness. This is so that the Self can diversify…  to experience otherness.”    ~Mooji

This is a medium in which self knowledge can take place.

The Self, or the one reality, is expressing itself in numerous forms. The ‘I am’ or the ‘me’ is the consciousness and from this there is an identification with form but behind the ‘I am” is the pure completeness. Totality.

How can the ‘Self’ know itself? It can only get a glimpse of what itself is through its own creation, or consciousness. Think of a mirror and how it shows a reflection only and can never 'see' itself.

We are the unmanifested. The ‘I am’ is neither male or female regardless of if its within a male or female body. We have many bodies. I believe there are 5 in total: The Physical Body, the Mental Body, the Emotional Body, the Astral Body, the Spiritual Body. The Physical being our most limited expression. When we become attached to the Physical, Mental or Emotional bodies, we may experience suffering in many forms but especially desiring, craving and discontent. As the Astral and Spiritual Body we experience joy, love and peace.

Consciousness and all that is manifested through the Self is here so that we can discuss the experiences of life and the functioning of such. You are aware that you are conscious… that awareness is the REAL YOU! The mind wants to continually ‘know’. But this is not you. Begin to pay attention to how your mind works. It may be a powerful tool or your worst enemy. Be mindful. Be the observer. ‘The Watcher.’

The intelligence that arises out of the emptiness, knows itself to be the totality, the all inclusive. The manifest of the Self is limited and can serve as a distraction from oneSelf- the enjoyment on this level dwells in the field of duality. With happiness, there is sadness, light there is dark… this may be considered a playful realm. However from my experience with the highs also come the lows. The belief in the fact that we are the mind creates so much suffering although most is unreal - simply psychosomatic. Remember that in order to understand reality we must know who we are. Know and be the Self. That is the remedy for the suffering. Most are not aware of the energy that we are. The sense of being is who you are. Not the personality. That came later as you became ‘programmed’ by well meaning people in your life and through your own experiences growing up.  

The best thing you can do is always be in touch with the 'I am’. The feeling of energy running through you. When you eat notice the ‘I am’. When you are out, notice the ‘I am’. When you sit, hold on to the feeling, ‘I am’. This alone will amount to immense peace within yourself. The mind slows. The desiring lessens. You are FREE!

“Hold on to your own ‘I am’ and all distinctions will go.”    ~Mooji


Sending love & light,

Jin xo

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