Cheating Never Felt this Good!

When it comes to emotional eating, one must be prepared! Know what it is that you are okay with including in your diet plan that may take you a bit off your program but isn't too extreme! Personally this recipe saved me many times from falling totally off Dr Morse's program. In the initial stages of detoxification one may be a bit more gentle with the program and stick to his level 1 - 'A Moderate Detox Experience'. This is because even a slight change will allow the body relief from the previously obstructive and acidifying diet. As you progress deeper on the program, and proceed to the 'Deeper Detox Experience' - Level 2 and then the 'Deepest' level, Level 3, you may opt to be more restrictive as your body may need this push to further its detoxification. From my experience it is important to have options for the times you really need to satisfy some deep seated emotions through indulgence! God knows we've ALL been there! Remember though that 'Indulgence' is the common denominator to all health problems to begin with, so best to steer clear as much as possible! However, this recipe is a 'healthier indulgence.' There are so many beautifully healing herbs in the German Superfood, Wurzelkraft that make this treat very alkalizing and regenerative - meaning it neutralizes harmful acids / toxins that the body is pulling out from its storage sites during detox. So I would say, allow this treat! Not only will it satisfy a craving for sweets but it settles emotions ever so nicely, keeping you motivated to stick to your diet program for the long term! If I could do a year and a half strictly on the program, I know you can do it too! The benefits are tremendous!!! I walked away from a slew of health issues and experienced an incredible surge in vitality!!! 


1 tsp almond butter (Raw is preferred)

1 tsp Pure Creamed Coconut (Found in the Asian section usually)

1 tsp dried currants

1 Tbs Wurzelkraft

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/8 tsp cinnamon

1-2 tsp shredded coconut

pinch cacao powder (optional, may be too stimulating for some)

smallest pinch ever, sea salt

Mix all ingredients together in a small bow. Enjoy! :) 


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