Master Fast System for LIFE

Today is day 1 full Master Fast (again)! 🍇🍋🍷I can honestly say that I no longer care what anyone else thinks about fasting.😌🙃 I loooove it!!! 😍After spending the most part of this past year eating, I can actually say I love fasting more! Yay!!! 😚🙌This system is pretty much a glorified 'dry fast'. 🍽 It was designed by a gentleman here in Toronto name Lui-Gino. 🤗 He has over 27 years experimenting on his own body with fasting - so was able to develop the safest fasting system based on his very own mistakes of the past, well equipped with all kinds of important tools to support the body / organs in the purification process. 😇 Thankfully this generous soul has shared his protocol, for free for the past two years - now there is a small fee to ensure his availability to coach us (there are over 25000 of us on the Facebook group worldwide) as we go through the dreaded 'healing reactions'💫, (unlike most, we don't think of it as a healing 'crisis' since that is not what is going on; you always come out stronger after these) and has introduced such a sound approach to healing which ultimately allows the body to heal itself! (As it has always attempted to do since this is its default program.) 💫💫💫 .
My new found sense of self is strong 💪🏾 and no one can convince me that this program is unsafe. (I've learned experientially.) Other people's fears and emotions no longer affect me. While I have compassion 💖 for all - I know where I 'end', and where you 'begin' and do not get enmeshed. 😉Here is an awesome way of describing that we must stay true to our'self' and let others be free to be themselves... .
You cannot live prolonged periods of time within the polarity of being true to yourself and needing the approval of others.😗 At some point you will realize that you are doing harm 😥 to yourself by being what you think you should be so that someone approves of you. 😔 In the language of a Sacred Contract 🕊📜, compromising who you are to gain the approval of another is a very precise example of giving away a piece of your spirit. 🙁🕊 Eventually you give away more and more of yourself until you have no strength or sense of self left. Manipulation is the art of making another person's spirit 🕊 dance for personal amusement 🙊, and only through honoring oneself do we become strong enough to refuse to dance. 🤗💫💞🕊

~Caroline Myss, Sacred Contracts 📙

Here are my goals for this fast: 🍷
•sense of self (strong)
•addictions (break)
•cleanse / strengthen
•freedom from body (pains / discomfort)
•clarity of mind
What fears do you have around fasting? Comment👇🏾

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  • Nicole Aloi

    How do I get a guide to do fasting and use 7×7 tea, with a complete wellness purpose, including weight loss, spiritual, clarity of mind, energy and skin beauty???

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