Jeanette's Healing Journey

Jeanette's personal story and her real motivation to dig deeper into health and healing...


"It wasn't until 2013 that the veil was lifted and I knew changes were a must if I had any chance of feeling well again. Most of the severe symptoms occurred in 2012 which began with wheezing in the lungs, sinus congestion, allergies with chronic sneezing and indigestion. The worst of it though, was when my jaw dislocated on its own one morning! I was in such a state of panic that that was when my search truly began! I didn't stop searching for the root of the problem and once I realized what had happened, I began the work to heal it, but I just didn't know where to begin or specifically how to make this happen! I began to look back on my notes from my Alkaline Health Coach training in Germany with Dr Peter Jenschura (2011) and instantly implemented what I had learned was a healthy diet. The doctor always taught that meat and dairy must be excluded and that an "alkaline diet" must be followed, to heal any state of dis-ease. Along with reviewing all the lessons on how one may achieve a proper Alkaline-Acid Balance in the body-80% Alkali and 20% Acid, I sought out the very best Biological (Holistic) Dentist in Toronto. Dr Freedman was able to ease my worries as he explained that this can happen when the body is under too much stress. That made sense for two reasons...1) At the time I had been experiencing quite a lot of changes with my career and changes with personal relationships in my life...and 2) because I knew stress creates a huge amount of hydrochloric acid in particular making it hugely acidify to your entire system.  It was a tough time to say the least. The aim is to consume primarily alkaline-forming foods and lead an alkaline lifestyle with positive thoughts and emotions and allow time for rest and contemplation. Acids being hot, corrosive, inflammatory and stagnant (causing obstructions) made the situation painful and uncomfortable. I remember popping the Turmeric capsules like crazy back then just to get some relief as I have never believed in using pharmaceuticals due to their toxicity.

Being on the 'Alkaline side of the fence' is where one always wants to be to feel Vitality! In chemistry, Alkali are cool, and put out the fire, they are also hydrating meaning allowing movement and cleansing of the lymphatic system. My jaw slowly but surely went back into place but left the previous underlying TMJ situation in a crisis from the additional trauma to the tissues. All the connective tissue and fascia that surrounded the jaw joint became inflamed due to the large amount of acids/toxins that were backed up all the way into my head! This was revealed to me more clearly by a Naturopath in Florida, who later became my teacher and mentor, Dr Robert Morse. He focuses on the lymphatic system and conveys the message of optimal health in a simple and clear way for all to understand! Unfortunately with most people unless their suffering is severe enough they are usually unwilling to sacrifice the necessary foods (as delicious as they are) to allow the proper alkaline chemistry that the body is actually able to heal itself in. One must also be prepared to make crucial lifestyle related changes. As with all life forms the human body is incredibly capable of healing any type of ailment or health issue all by itself! BUT, it must be provided an alkaline (hydrated) environment in which the healing process may take place. In the midst of it all I was in a car crash which resulted in whiplash and trauma in the tissues in my neck which further aggravated the TMJ symptoms. I was in agony! Carried an ice pack around with me for almost a year before I found my teacher and angel, Dr Morse.

So long story short I discovered Dr Morse and decided finally that I was not where I wanted to be health-wise. Throughout my life my weight always fluctuated. At times I found myself carrying about 30 pounds more than what was healthy. Throughout childhood and adolescence I was sick with sinus and ear infections along with upper respiratory issues, to the point my parents had my tonsils and adenoids removed. We know now that this is a mistake as these glands are directly connected to the Lymphatic (Immune) System. They are needed to help remove harmful substances which is where my symptoms were stemming from in the first place. Our parents do the best they can with what they know so we can't blame them...but you can see how it was done out of sheer desperation. Bless their hearts, they just wanted my suffering to end!

At this point I decided it was now my time to learn the truth! I experimented with a high raw, vegan diet, low in fat and protein and BANG, hit it right on the head! I began feeling better! Began using my personal herbal protocol laid out for me by Dr Morse after an Iris Analysis and I began getting results! The lymph nodes in my neck that were swollen went right down, the excess weight shed easily and effortlessly and I noticed a SURGE in my overall sense of wellbeing. Best of all: I was now pain free, my sinuses cleared, my breathing was perfect and my jaw joint began to regenerate. (My dentist was in shock when he did a routine XRay and it revealed the joint was getting better!!!) :D They say its a journey for a reason. I continue to practice meditation, yoga, fasting of different types, (consult a professional before fasting), as well as have maintained an alkaline diet of primarily raw fruits and vegetables. My energy is higher than it has EVER been, and my spirit is lighter and more connected to source.

May you all be happy and well, free of suffering and feel your very best! Peace and love.


░J░i░n░ ░x░o░


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  • Shelly Candel

    Hi Gin, So great to meet you today and I enjoyed reading your story too! I love what you are doing and being able to help so many. I look forward to learning more and to see where and what I can change in my body/mind. To heal what is around us the first place is to always heal the inside of ourselves. Thank you again for the ride…what a gift you are…:)xoxo

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