The Great Lymphatic System

If I learned anything from this incredible man and teacher, Dr Robert Morse, is that health is very simple! "They" don't want you to know that though! The World Health Organization has disclosed that 99% of us have to go! We are living in an over populated world and its better for "them" if you don't survive! All life forms however WANT to survive! In fact its every life form's job to survive! Every symptom of poor health is the body's attempt to get well. This is discussed further in a separate entry here. The most important thing to realize is that the body is comprised of two major fluids and cells and that's it!!! The liver is a bunch of cells, the kidneys are a bunch of cells and so fourth. So if the focus is always only on the blood, what about the other major fluid!? Why is it that the lymphatic fluid is only looked at once there are already lymphomas? More recent studies have shown that even the brain has lymph around it! Finally, the research is catching up with reality!!! It just goes to show you that all this study-based thinking is just confusing us even more. Relying solely on studies is naive to say the least. Most studies are funded by a party with a vested interest. Its unfortunate that with Big Pharma being such a HUGE industry and a billion dollar industry that is, there aren't many parties performing studies that are TRULY interested in YOUR being well. Sorry to say this, but its true. If you aren't sick, how can 'they' thrive financially if you're not using 'their' medications. If you're putting your health in the hands of your medical doctor you are taking a big risk. Read more about this topic here. That is why we must realize that health is as simple as getting back to nature and being happy, your true self! More about how simple health truly is and how positive emotions help you heal here.

The Great Lymphatic System is referred to as the body's sewer system. This is because the cells in the body eliminate their wastes just as we eliminate our wastes in a toilet, only they dump theirs into the lymphatic system. Next the Lymph Nodes receive these wastes as this is their job! Just like the sewer pipes carry our waste from the toilet to a septic tank. The next step involved in removal of wastes from our body is that the Lymph Nodes use bacteria to break down acid wastes, while macrophages (white blood cells) destroy damaged cells. You can see now why antibiotics are not the answer since our bodies use bacteria to dissolve harmful substances. This is no different than how the bacteria that is in septic tanks breaks down waste. Keep in mind that cells that were damaged by acids (otherwise called cancer) are carried to the Lymph Nodes in the same way. Lastly the final elimination, after the waste has been broken down, takes place as the lymph filters out the final byproducts via the kidneys (or the skin if the kidneys are weak or have been overloaded), just as the waste from the home would travel from the septic tank to the leechfield to disperse to the ground.

In order to get the most from your lymph system, please keep moving! Unlike the blood which has a pump: the heart, the lymph only moves when you move! Rebounding, and other light exercises are recommended such as walking, jogging, jump rope, yoga, Tai Chi and swimming. Foods that move your lymph are fruits, berries and melons!!! They are electrical and highly astringent, meaning they pull on the lymph, especially the watery fruits like lemons and other citrus fruits and the very best lymph movers are red or black (preferably seeded) grapes. (Spitting out the seeds is fun!) 

When you visit a Naturopathic doctor due to any poor health symptom the first thing they will tell you is to go off milk and dairy products. This is because they are highly mucus forming and congesting to the lymphatic system. Learn more about obtaining a mucusless diet here. They will even go so far as to prescribe herbs like ginseng or astragalus to boost the immune. What I don't get is why the don't take the time to educate their clients as to why they are prescribing these herbs in the first place aside from just saying they are immune boosting. It wouldn't take a lot of time or effort to simply mention that the immune system IS the lymphatic system and a provide a brief description of how it works - BUT they'd have to have an understanding of this BEFORE they could EXPLAIN it. T

he lymphatic system is what we recognize as the culprit to any variety of health concerns and about 99% of ALL DIS-EASE. Any obstruction in the lymphatic system will result in symptoms of poor health. The symptoms could be anything from eczema to ADHD - the various poor health symptoms arise in numerous forms in numerous metabolisms.

Herbs are wonderful cleansers and help pull on the lymph. One may decide to research 5 herbs at a time, see what each herb can do specifically, since they tend to be tissue specific (eg. good for the liver or spleen etc.) and empower yourself from there to begin bringing more herbs into your diet! Dr Morse says he feels like a kid in a candy store when he is around herbs! They truly are God's gift to humanity...untouched by man as most are non-hybridized and herbs were mentioned in the bible (Genisis) as being the food for man! (Herbs and fruits!)

Move that Lymph Baby!!! :)

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