To Act or Not to Act ... That Is The Question


How do we know when we could benefit from taking action? How do we know when to simply sit back?

We are constantly guided. It was only until I learned this truth that I felt confused by how to conduct myself. For the most part of my life I took action. I knew what I wanted and went after it.  Action was all I knew. As the years past, and after spending a lot of time reading the works of spiritual masters, like Lao Tzu, and A Course in Miracles, I realized how important it is to sit back a little and wait for guidance. There are subtle ‘signs’ (if you will), that provide the answers. If you notice the signs and oblige accordingly you will be rewarded. If you push against ‘what is’, there will be a tough lesson in it. Either way you learn and grow but I always had to learn ‘the hard way’ in my past. I would push for things that were obviously not intended for me. Almost like pushing for a life that does not belong to you, if you know what I mean. Nowadays I believe I have mastered the art of observation. Thank God!!!

Recently I began sharing a personal story about a specific challenge I have encountered in my life with a supposed friend. This person has actively pursued a friendship with me and we have had some deep and fulfilling conversations where I felt relatively safe in sharing. Typically I open up to people easily however there is much depth that is left unrevealed, intentionally. Unless I fully trust you, I will protect my’self’ by only revealing that which I am comfortable revealing. Pretty normal, right!? I am also quite choosy about who I spend my time with, keeping very few friends. I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to relationships. So anyway, this person subtly reacted to my share and the undertone, or vibe I got, was judgement. In case I read the person wrong I simply became, ‘the watcher.’ First I stopped talking and waited. Then I asked the person how they felt about what I was sharing, and they responded that it was kind of weird. Next the person actually got up and physically left the conversation. These were obvious signs that I would be better off keeping quiet. But still I wasn’t quite sure what to do. So when the person returned and asked me to continue, I did but I kept it light and instead of getting to the most challenging part of what I had to share, I began talking about an experience I also had recently with something called a ‘Neuro Light.’ I wanted to veer off on to this topic to make a very important point and see how the person would respond.

Small side story, this ‘Neuro Light’ was absolutely incredible! It was created by a couple of geniuses to open neuropathways in the brain and thereby encourage a higher level of consciousness. There are 5 white lights that are specifically programed to go on and off at different speeds and are situated just above the pineal gland, or third eye. You are laying down, relaxing to soothing music and you begin to see rainbow coloured lights due to the full spectrum light. My session was 11 minutes. These 11 minutes have forever impacted my life for the better! I re-experienced very happy childhood memories such as running and playing in the grass and actually began laughing what felt like uncontrollably! It was a euphoric feeling. After that I began to feel a tightness in my solar plexis, or gut. I focused on relaxing my body fully and letting go completely. In that instant not only did I feel an array of negative emotions such as fear but I literally looked a demon in its face - or so it felt. I came face to face with so much darkness. In doing so it was transmuted and after the session I felt light, like a weight was lifted. When I saw this darkness I finally came to the realization of what has been an issue for me all my life! I shared this with the so-called friend too… Basically I have been loyal to a fault and stayed in harmful situations for way too long! I was unable to identify that many people in my life, in which I embraced fully were simply ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing.’ I am forever grateful for this clarity. After sharing this, the person literally walked away without saying anything and we never spoke again.

God was showing me that this person could not truly be there for me. Let alone in a way that would serve me or my highest good. So instead of pushing the story on them I used my intuition but even easier I simply listened and observed.

When we become aware of what actually is, we can see what is truly best for us. If something is meant for us, it will be easy, almost effortless. We don’t need to strive or push toward our goals. We simply take one small step at a time and at the same time, observe. If we are coming into a lot of resistance than perhaps we would be better off getting creative and coming up with another approach. Or sometimes it may be best for us to simply stop. Take a step back. Wait. The answers are always there, we must just have faith and learn to let go and let God.

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