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Regenerative Detoxification with Jeanette Annecchini

Certified Iridologist, Alkaline Coach & Detoxification Specialist

Iridology is a science that was discovered by a surgeon over 80 years ago, that not too many know about. It pinpoints areas within the body that require special attention to heal. Discover genetic weaknesses and strengths in every tissue, organ and gland of your body and learn how to support the body's natural regeneration!!!

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After a complete analysis of your entire system, tissues, organs, glands etc. Jeanette will recommend herbal tinctures that will assist your body with cleansing and strengthening. Herbs are tissue specific and know exactly where to go to perform their magic! The body is capable of cleaning without the use of herbs however unless the diet is primarily fruits and just some leafy greens and fresh herbs, most people plateau and benefit from the additional support. Those that experiencing poor health symptoms will greatly benefit from the herbs as well.

"The foods for man shall be fruits and herbs."       ~Genesis 

"Detoxification is the golden key to true health and Vitality.:         ~Dr Morse