Acne, Skin Problems? Skin Care, Acid or Alkaline?

How many of you are still using mainstream skin care products designed for acne? I won't mention any names but I will tell you the truth about these harmful products. The way their so-called active ingredients work is by being acidic. So anyone who's familiar with how Epsom salt or sea salt works needs to know that they work to detoxify your body through alkalinity!  Alkali draws out harmful substances from the body while acids push them back in, where they originated from in the first place! A natural doctor and biochemist from Germany known as the alkaline doctor (Dr. Jentschura), taught me that acidic skin care products like cortisone creams and all the others being recommended by your medical doctor for skin problems including eczema, act like an 'acid whip', whipping acids, toxins and other harmful substances that the body is excreting through the skin (acne and other skin problems), back into the organs! I can see why these types of products have been linked to cancer, since we know that a build up of these acids and harmful substances form deposits that create cysts, stones and tumors. Just awful! Best thing to do is discover your personal food intolerances through a variety of tests that are available such as Red Paw Data Services in Toronto Ontario and cut out or greatly reduce the foods you are intolerant to! Bathing 2-3 times a week in Epsom salts, sea salt or AlkaBath, Dr. Jentschura's very own crystal bath salt or simply perform foot baths for long durations (like 30-60 mins) in warm water. Do not use hot water as the body will then take in the heat rather than letting out the acids and toxins. AlkaBath full baths or foot baths will drain huge amounts of acids and toxins from your body and by soaking only the unaffected area (in cases of acne only) you'll divert them out of the body all together and away from your face! Please note that one must not apply alkaline water to acne prone skin as it will make the acne worse by drawing more toxins to the area! That's why its best to divert harmful substances away from the face by treating other areas of the body. Don't worry, for eczema or psoriasis, you may soak the affected area and you should experience great relief! You will feel the difference even as early as the day after your first treatment! :-)



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