AlkaBath Alkaline Mineral Bath Salt and its Many Uses

Our Skin is Our Largest Eliminative Organ!

AlkaBath are alkaline mineral bath salts for alkaline body care and cleansing. When dissolved in every day tap water it renders the water alkaline and the chlorine and fluoride (normally harmful toxins) harmless. It uses a specific alkaline pH of 8.0 - 8.5 inspired by mother nature (the amniotic fluid of the healthy mother-to-be is 8.5 pH) and the healing powers of crystals, just like our ancestors did to offer an array of amazing health benefits!!!

The bath salts are the third and final step of Dr. Jentschura's Purification and Regeneration Program, alkaline body care, which assists the body in the purification process by drawing toxins and acids out through the skin, our largest organ for detoxification.  AlkaBath salts are beneficial for bathing, foot baths, massage, saunas, steam baths and AlkaBath is also used in saunas and steam rooms by spas all over Europe. Enjoy baby soft, supple skin that is left super silky and well moisturized after an AlkaBath treatment! AlkaBath is great for any and all types of people! Everyone's system (kidneys, bladder, colon) can benefit from a break by using the skin, our largest organ for elimination of harmful substances like acids and toxins. Most people suffer from overloading the excretion organs with impurities. Alkaline treatments are recommended for infants and children as well, especially if they suffer from eczema or other skin problems. The alkaline bath provides a gentle cleansing and comfortable self-oiling of the delicate and sensitive baby skin and does not sting the eyes. Especially in the evening, a full bath is a reliable sleeping aid (Magnesium and precious stones) for infants and small children.

Women going through menopause benefit greatly as their bodies are just heating up now (Hot Flashes) that they no longer excrete acids and toxins once a month, to literally "burn off' the harmful substances. By soaking in the AlkaBath they let out a ton of acids etc. and notice a huge difference in how they feel as their bodies no longer have to produce so much heat! The same benefit is experienced by those that have lost their menstrual cycle or have had a hysterectomy. Women store their acids and toxins in fat tissue, lymph and uterus in order to let them out once a month. This explains why women get cellulite and men don't! (See Alkaline Stockings and Wet and Dry brushing). The man's metabolism differs from the woman's as they have no menstrual cycle and therefore must immediately neutralize and burn off their acids and toxins. When a woman losses her menstrual cycle her body shifts into a similar metabolism as a man's as she must now create more heat and burn off any harmful substances. Its amazing isn't it!? It explains why men have hotter body temperatures than women! Why aren't we taught this in school right!?

Athletes produce a lot of lactic acid due to the overexertion of the muscles and need to excrete it before their bodies take minerals from their scalp which means no nourishment is going to hair growth which results in hair loss and can cause baldness, to neutralize the harmful substance. This also reduces risk of heart attack as too many acids in the heart region causes heart attack and too much acids in the brain causes a stroke. Who knew!? Why aren't the doctor's informing people about this?...Perhaps they simply do not know! AlkaBath has the ideal pH of 8.5 just as you were surrounded by as a fetus in your mother's womb! That was how you detoxified your body from anything harmful coming in through your mother. The fetus does not urinate or have bowel movements in the womb so that was the only means of elimination, your skin!

AlkaBath is formulated with eight finely grounded precious stones! There are seven crystals that work to open the chakras and therefore lift your spirits making the use of any AlkaBath application great for those suffering from emotional trauma, depression or anyone just looking for some support with any emotional healing. The eighth stone, onyx, was added more recently for radiation protection. This important addition makes a lot of sense in our day and age where we are over burdened by electromagnetic smog and frequencies. 

AlkaBath is perfect for full baths, hip baths, foot and/or hand baths. Body temperature or slightly warm, alkaline baths are a real benefit for the body, mind and spirit during colder months. During warmer months, refreshing cool baths taken at slightly below body temperature, activate and regenerate. Compresses, wraps, inhalations, as well as alkaline dental care are all very beneficial. Other unique applications include use with Neti Pot, as a body scrub at the end of your showers with only a light rinse and then patting your skin dry so to keep the salts within your skin. Applications also include Alkaline Stockings, AlkalineCuffs, Neck Wrap and BodyWrap as well as numerous other do-it-yourself, alkaline applications such as the ‘salt shirt’. (As described in the book, Health By Purification by Dr. Jentschura and Dr. Lohkämper).

How much salts do I use for a full bath, foot bath and other applications?

AlkaBath salts are economical as a little bit of the salt goes a long way. One full bath only requires 3 tablespoons of the AlkaBath salts to achieve the ideal pH of the bath water: 8.5. Hip baths only require the use of one tablespoon. For other applications, such as foot baths and compresses, 1 heaping teaspoon suffices per litre of water used.

How hot can the water be?

Use only a warm temperature of 36 to 38 degrees Celsius (97 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit) for full baths.

For foot baths, compresses and wraps the water temperature may be a bit higher. i.e. 38-41 degrees Celsius (100-106 Fahrenheit).

Are foot baths effective for drawing toxins out from all areas of the body?

Yes! The feet and lower legs act as elimination organs. Some people even refer to the feet as "auxiliary kidneys" for this reason! There are thousand of sweaty and sebaceous glands per square centimetre of the soles of the feet and on the lower leg. Therefore acids and toxins are effectively eliminated through even a simple foot bath! A unique application that further's the body's own cleansing through the lower legs and feet are P. Jentschura's Alkaline Stockings. Even Ms. Germany has reportedly worn these suckers to draw out toxins thereby reducing the appearance of cellulite! Dr. Jentschura says it's relatively easy to rid the legs fully of the cellulite! Foot baths should be done for a minimum of 30 minutes, ideally 1 hour and its best to perform them two to three times per week minimum. To further assist the body in the elimination process, it is recommended that one brush their feet in the direction of their toes (direction of elimination) regularly during the foot bath.

How long should I soak in the tub or foot bath?

Bathe for a minimum of 30-45 minutes at a time but ideally for 60-90 minutes and longer for the most effective application for the elimination of acids and harmful substances.. In summer months, a short 5-15 minute sitz bath is still very beneficial and helps to cool you down while leaving you feel refreshed.

What can I do to support my alkaline bathing?

It is important to drink sufficient water before and during the bath to accomplish an ideal benefit from alkaline baths and to allow the cleanse to be very gentle. The temperature of the bath water should always be at or a little lower than one's own body temperature, approximately between 36 and 37 degrees Celsius. This encourages your body to create its own warmth and therefore prevents it from cooling down which would make the water feel too cold for you. In addition high temperatures of the bathing water burden the metabolism. To offer further support it is very helpful to brush your body in the direction of elimination using a high quality, natural bristle, bath brush every ten minutes to further the elimination of harmful substances out through the skin. Be sure to begin emptying the bath water while you remain seated in the tub to gradually complete your detox bath. It is not necessary to rinse your body off following your alkaline bath and is actually best to allow the salt water to dry on your skin after the bath or you may simply pat dry. Please refrain form the application of acidic cream or lotion following an alkaline treatment. 

What should be taken notice of when taking alkaline baths with AlkaBath?

Depending on the hardness of the water in your home, you may require more or less salts to achieve the desired 8.0-8.5 pH. The harder the water the more AlkaBath is required. It is recommended to test the pH of the water after the salts are mixed in to assure the proper pH is achieved. Adjust the amount of salts accordingly. If a bath is taken for more than an hour duration or you added more warm water during a treatment, you may want to add a bit more salt. This way the ideal pH is maintained and the release of acids and toxins are continuous.

Understanding the precious stones in the AlkaBath and their special healing powers...

Every human being has its very own subtle energy system. The seven energy centres of the body are influenced by the vital energy of the cosmos and energy enters the human organism through these energy centres referred to as the chakras. The seven chakras are aligned with the spin and if blocked vital energy can not flow properly. Some believe that when the chakras are fully opened one's life path is shown to them readily and easily which allows them to feel happiness, joy and peace as well as a have a sense of purpose and fulfillment. AlkaBath salts help to restore psychic and physical balance as the precious stones used are finely tuned to the body's seven chakras. After continued use they allow the vital energy to flow optimally again.

Other Applications...

Alkaline Stockings

There are many options for using the AlkaBath for your alkaline body care and elimination. Alkaline Cuffs and Stockings are a great alternative to foot baths or full baths and are a perfect option for busy people looking to save time. They are also recommended for anyone looking to de-acidify while they sleep or rest. The body experiences two strong acidic floods while we sleep, occurring at 1am and 7am as the tissue storage sites release the acids the were holding onto from your previous day. These floods do not negatively affect the body during this type of application. The acids and toxins would have been absorbed into the cuffs or stockings and therefore alleviating your whole organism. You wake up feel refreshed! The Alkaline Stockings come in two pairs, one cotton (inner) and one wool (outer). Soak only the inner stockings in alkaline water (prepared as noted above below) and wring them out really well! You may put them on as you are getting into bed with the dry wool pair on top, covering the wet stockings and therefore leaving you feel warm and comfortable. The stockings are knitted very loosely so that effective excretion is possible. To prevent the stockings from falling down while sleeping it may be necessary to secure them in place using tight fitting pyjama pants. The stockings usually reach above the knees. Many women request that they reach the upper thigh as they want to use them to eliminate cellulite. However the upper legs do not accommodate excretion but rather act as an accumulation organ. The acids and toxins stored in that area can be drawn out through the feet and lower legs and the stocking are very effective for this purpose! The stockings make a great neck wrap (see below) and could be worn as sleeves on the arms as well. They are not meant for wearing during activities like the Akaline Cuffs are however.

How do I prepare the Alkaline Stockings?

1. Sprinkle one teaspoon of AlkaBath alkaline mineral bath salt into approx. 1/2 litre of hot water and dissolve well

2. Place the thin inner stocking in the solution until they are thoroughly soaked

3. Firmly wring out the inner stockings until they do not drip

4. Put on moist inner stockings and then the dry outer stockings

5. The use of a hot water bottle is recommended in case you have cold feet

6. The Alkaline Stockings are suitable for use while resting during the day or night to relax and feel well

Alkaline Cuffs

The cuffs can be worn during exercise, or any activities and stay on well due to their being comprised of 97% cotton and 3% Lycra. They come as two pairs and are great for use on the lower legs or forearm. The cuffs are very comfortable and can be worn during work and/or sports. If you feel that you have been eliminating more acids such as lactic acid during periods of activity you may decide to freshen them up with a bit of water and AlkaBath salts.

How do I prepare the Alkaline Cuffs?

1. Sprinkle one teaspoon of AlkaBath alkaline mineral bath salt into approx. 1/2 litre of lukewarm and dissolve well

2. Place the cuffs in the solution until they are thoroughly soaked

3. Firmly wring out the cuffs until they do not drip

4. Put the cuffs on 

5. The Alkaline Cuffs may be worn under leg warmers and are suitable for use during physical activity or during periods of rest

Care Instructions:

Hand wash or wash on cold in washing machine. Do not spin, hang to dry. STockings, cuffs and wraps should be washed after each use.

Alkaline wrap

Wraps are great because they can be worn to target specific areas such as the liver, kidneys and joints to effectively drain these ares of harmful substances.


sodium bicarbonate, sea salt, sodium carbonate, natural minerals and the precious stones agate, carneol, citrine, chrysoprase, chalcedony, sapphire, rock crystal and onyx. AlkaBath is free of anti-caking agents so just give it a smack off your counter if it cakes up! :)


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