Skin Brushing for Detoxification and Lymph Movement

A healthy body eliminates its wastes through the kidneys, lungs, colon and skin. When there are issues with proper elimination our bodies become backlogged with these harmful substances and obstructions. As an Iridologist I recognize that we all have in common that our biggest problems are due to chronic adrenals, kidneys and bowels. It is no wonder then that we see so many people who are lymphatically ‘constipated’ as we like to say. The lymphatic system is essentially the bathroom of the body, and the kidneys are connected to this system as well. The lymphatic system deals with the removal of acids/toxins or impurities or the body’s ability to cleanse itself. The kidneys act as a sort of physiological ‘sieve’. They have two important roles. 1. They filter out the body’s impurities like acids and toxins. 2. They ‘dump’ out the harmful substances via the bladder and urine. When the kidneys are in poor condition i.e. “backed up,” they are unable to carry through with this crucial responsibility. The lack of knowledge out there about the true meaning of what can be seen in the urine amazes me. From my experience when I have tested my urine, I can see when my kidneys are filtering and when they are not by the amount of settlement that exists if any. Kidneys that are not filtering and ‘dumping’ show clear urine. Foamy urine represents too much protein in the diet which can result in damage to the kidneys from all the uric acid. Toxins (acids) are corrosive and inflammatory in the body. Acids in general when hot enough even have the ability to convert a healthy cell cancerous by entering the cell and causing it to be damaged. Therefore cancer is nothing but a damaged cell. Typically the body would send these dead/damaged cells to the lymph nodes where macrophages help with the breakdown and removal from the body. The skin is greatly impacted by how clogged up our lymphatic systems are. It is a semi-permeable barrier in which whatever you put on it enters the body. “What we eat, drink, breathe and put on our skin, is how we bring the outside chemistry in!”   ~Dr Robert Morse

Someone who eats a diet that is high in animal proteins or tissues, will excrete a lot of it’s toxins in the form of bodily odor or even bad breath.

With wet and dry brushing one can support the body’s need for elimination through the skin. Taking away some of the demand on the other eliminative organs. We brush the skin in a specific set of directions toward the areas of the body with the most sweaty and sebaceous glands. Such as toward the hands, tips of the fingers, feet, toes and from the heart out toward the underarms on each side of the chest. The so-called ‘health person’ may provide you with opposite instruction and often tell patients to brush the body upwards and toward the heart region. This is a recipe for disaster. Acids around the heart = heart attack. So it is in the incidence of having too many acids in the brain and it resulting in stroke. The best is to gently guide the brush toward the closet area of the body with the majority of the sweaty glands. Move the brush in a circular direction on the knees and elbows. It is advisable to avoid brushing sensitive areas. See image below for the direction in which to brush the body according Dr Peter Jenstchura, Germany. Dr Jentschura was honored with a doctorate for his incredible work over the past 3 decades helping people. He has over 40 years experience and him and his business partner Josef Lohkamper, Naturopath, Germany, have their 18th edition of their best selling book, Health By Purification with two new updates on false trends in the health food industry; ACV & Himalayan Salts and how we must use caution with these ‘health’ foods. I have been helped tremendously from their teachings and can attest to experiencing a surge in my health after following the protocol. This is one of the most gentle yet effective ways to assist the body in healing. It has resulted in thousands who have been alleviated from their suffering. One of my most favorite products that the doctor makes is the Alkaline Bath Salts, AlkaBath!!! When you soak in an alkaline bath longer than a half hour ideally, in body temp (not hot) water, you draw huge amounts of toxins out through the skin! Brushing your body with a wet brush like the bath brush while bathing, say 7 strokes per body part and every 10 minutes if possible, further assists in the elimination process. 30-60 minutes of even just a foot bath daily will prove extremely beneficial as the entire organism is alleviated of so many toxins. Its easiest if you have everything that you will need to make the foot bath together in one place to make it easy! All you need is a towel and a foot basin like the plastic ones at the dollar store. (No need to worry its hard plastic, does not leech.) Then just add a tablespoon of the AlkaBath to a regular sized foot bath. (Or more specifically, 1 tsp per litre of water.) I would say try to just do at least 30 minutes every night. When dry brushing , it is ideal to brush the body prior to bathing or showering to help further remove the dead skin cells and stimulates elimination and lymphatic drainage.



  • Jamie L Kromm

    Thank you so much! After reading Dr. Morse’s book and watching his videos, so many health professionals out there tell you to brush towards the heart which is incorrect. And that’s what I’ve been doing! I was having a hard time finding anyone teach otherwise, so thank you for the diagram.

  • Marisa

    That’s for this information I was actually drybrushing incorrectly

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