Alkaline-Acid Balance For Optimal Health

This simple theory has proven true to me through my experience healing my own body from numerous health problems. When I first received these teachings I was not ready to apply them and therefore test them out for myself. I had suffered my entire life with a backed up, congested lymphatic system which resulted in many symptoms of poor health from the most minor; sinusitis, sinus congestion, ear infections, asthma and the most severe of symptoms being brain fog and problems with mental alertness and focus. The ladder a well known result of an overgrowth of the “bad bacteria,” Candida. It wasn’t until my trainings with Dr Jentschura & Dr Lohkampar (Germany), that I came to realize that Candida was not the underlying issue but rather the acidic environment in which it thrives. You could imagine my excitement when I learned it was quite simple it is to recover from! Remove the acid environment, remove the excess, Candida “infection”. These doctors speak in an easy to understand and simplistic language when discussing health and healing. During the 19 years of my searching for answers for healing, I have found this to be extremely rare, if not non-existent when it comes to the so-called ‘health people’ that I have encountered.

“If you can’t explain something to a 5 year old and it make sense to them, you probably don’t understand it yourself!”      ~Dr Morse

Some believe these doctors have an overly simplistic view. (Usually those who have much academics and were taught to accept whatever theories they were presented with in school.) I say don’t worry about it, let these people learn at their own pace. Perhaps some have closed off their minds and choose to believe in the lies we are fed by society. We buy into these lies that are designed to disempower, confuse and keep people “in the dark” and therefore sick, then we must respect and accept that that is just where they are at. In fact, even though I received these teachings, I myself took years before I fully implemented the approach. When I finally did, the very first thing I noticed was the swollen lymph node I had in my neck region for the past while, went down! The gas and bloating I had associated as a normal result of digestion disappeared completely! My energy levels increased along with my mood and sense of overall well being. Basically I experienced a complete SURGE in my health!

The teachings in the doctors’ best selling book say that the baby is born free of what we call “impurities”, meaning all tissues, organs, cells, glands are pure or clean. By teenage years the same child’s fatty tissue has been accumulating impurities and similar to a garbage dump is full! During the process of becoming completely full there were so-called ‘unexplainable’ fevers. These were the body’s attempt to rid itself of these harmful substances by literally ‘burning’ them off. But what do we do!? As loving and concerned parents do? That’s right! We provide pain killers or antibiotics to reduce the fever taking away the natural healing process by our intelligent bodies because we believe we know better than nature. Until the 60s we were much smarter and tamed the fever using compresses on the throat or legs. The opportunity to burn off the impurities or kill pathegens that entered the body was not interfered with. Today when there is an infection, intoxication or accumulation of impurities they are driven deeper into the body. Because the only ‘remedies’ provided supress the functioning of the body and only serve to make us more toxic. If only one would remember how their grandmother would have approached a fever, supporting the body’s natural elimination of acids and toxins. As females we store our acids/toxins in our fatty and connective tissue, uterus and via the menses, and let them out once a month. This I was so fascinated by! I am amazed by the lack of knowledge about this natural process of the female body. It makes so much sense to us ladies, we feel horrible the week prior to the menses (PMS) due to all the stored toxicity and then once its over we are left feel anew!

Men and women differ biochemically. Men must immediately “burn off’ and metabolise their acids/toxins which is why men have a hotter body temperature than women. Women during their fertile years have to metabolise their acids differently. They are able to excrete them in a way that keeps the potential womb completely clean so it may serve it fundamental purpose. This explains why men go bald and why women typically do not. The body will first strip minerals from what it views as the least important source i.e. the scalp. The scalp is the most readily available source of minerals to neutralize acids. As the body takes these minerals there is not enough left to provide nourishment to hair growth, and the hair falls out. This phenomenon is evident in male athletes, look how many of them go bald in their 20s! This is attributed to all the lactic acid and the high protein diets which further add to the problem, as well as interfere with proper kidney filtration. Which backs up the entire body. Women once they past their fertile state and enter “menopause”, experience a shift in metabolism. Their metabolism now switches to that similar to a man’s. Now she must “burn off” the acids as she no longer excretes them monthly. This explains the so-called “hot flashes.” From experience, when my system has too many impurities, I feel it! The mood becomes irritable and agitated when the environment is too toxic. Hormones are easily thrown off balance when the body is under an acidic burden.

During the initial stages of intoxication of our entire organism we are given numerous clues as to what is going on. Various symptoms begin such as constipation and/or diarrhea, loss of appetite, binge eating, a desire to ‘fill’ an insatiable hungry, low energy, exhaustion and aggressive behaviour. In many young children these go unnoticed and the only symptom that gets any attention is the tooth decay that accompanies these symptoms. This is a well meaning and rational response by the body. An attempt to save its organism by sacrificing minerals from the teeth to neutralize the acidity as it sure that the second set will follow. It is rarely interpreted by ‘health professionals’ by what it truly is and the acid forming diet and lifestyle that got them to where they are in the first place are ignored.

Behaviour and intellectual issues become evident by the time this person is a teen. These weaknesses may be a manifestation of the toxins built up in the system. Flouride for example is a toxin that can do damage to the brain as well as harm from fungal metabolites like Candida Albican. Throughout the years the body makes many attempts to purify itself by means of elimination. These eliminations are normally viewed as the problem. We must look deeper and acknowledge these symptoms are simply reaction to the most common of causes, “INDULGENCE.”

We call these symptoms, “CIVILISATOSIS.” It is obvious that society plays a huge role in our state of health. Social eating, social drinking…it is for sheer entertainment these days. It is not easy to convince friends and family to dine at a healthy restaurant or make healthy meals at home! Their perception is that they are missing out on the fun things life has to offer. It is even more difficult to try and convince them that their choices are negatively impacting their health. People are on their own journey. It is often best to simply attempt to explain that your choices toward a healthier diet and lifestyle are not intended to reject or judge them but that they are 100% necessary if they want to experience true Vitality.

It is incredible to see how the body deals with all of the impurities that we continually accumulate. Due to the malfunctioning of the eliminative organs from the years of buildup, the body is forced to store these harmful substances. When storing excess acids/toxins there is a hierarchy of vital importance. The impurities are stored first in the fat tissue, then connective tissue, next the muscle and cartridge. The body spares the vital organs, glands and bones as long as possible. Over time though when there is no choice left, these vital organs too become obstructed. As these accumulations increase in the body so do our symptoms or so -called “diseases.” When we believe in a “disease” we are giving away our own power and succumb to ridiculous treatment that do not provide remedies at all. The accumulations result in deposits such as a tumor, cysts, kidney stones, gout or excess weight and edema. The deposits can however be dissolved and eliminated by the body! This is the reason we want to think more about what we need to remove from the body versus what we need to add. Try detoxification before you jump the gun and take the doctor’s approach with an invasive or toxic treatment by our medical system. Never actually getting to the root cause of the problem.

Once the permanent teeth come in and since the lifestyle nor diet have been improved, the gums begin to recede and this second set of teeth become loose. The 30 year olds of today have more pitiful oral health than their 50-60 year old parents! Dental plaque, coated tongue, suppurated tonsils, bad breath are all examples of elimination of impurities. We often see men in their 40s or 50s that have trouble raising their arm to serve the ball in tennis. Instead of attempting to find out where the circulation and tension problems are coming from and looking at the diet and potentially leaving out that daily serving of meat that they apparently can’t live without, they opt to cancel the tennis club membership. Unfortunately a lot of men don’t take on the view that a change in diet could help them feel better and heal their poor health symptoms. Most look at their wives and assume that because she doesn’t suffer from the same problems that the diet can’t be the cause. But again, women are biochemically different! They regularly excrete their acids while he continues to accumulate. Ever wondered why women live an average of 10 years longer than men?

The multitude of chemical processes involved in the accumulations of acids and toxins and the unique metabolism of each individual, result in various poor health symptoms… intoxication, inflammation, deficiencies and problems with eliminative organs, skin, colon, kidneys/bladder. Described by the medical mafia as “diseases.” It is obvious that the body is constantly seeking a homeostasis, or balance. One must become conscious of the source of poisoning (acidity) and do their very best to apply moderation to their diet and lifestyle. We are in our best state of health when there is a balance of 80% alkali in the body and only 20% acid. Our blood remains slightly alkaline. The minute the blood is ever in an acidic state, it would be too late to even realize it, we would be dead instantly. This along with the fact that all our body fluids are alkaline apart from gastric acids, only goes to show how important this proper Alkaline-Acid Balance truly is.

After these impurities fill the muscle tissue completely, the next stage is the demineralization of blood vessels. Studies done in Germany have shown this to be the cause of high cholesterol. Calcium or other minerals which have been stripped from the vessels for the purpose of neutralization of acids, results in a denser vascular system due to the body’s reaction to the crisis, by means of an increase in cholesterol production. This will allow for the vascular system to remain elastic and sealed. So you can imagine the  high amount of impurities plus increased amount of cholesterol impeding healthy functioning of the vessels. So even high blood pressure makes sense then, when the body must increase its pressure due to the increasing amount of obstructions. Dr Jentschura and Dr Lohkampar created an easy to follow 3 Step System for symptoms like these or any other states of dis-ease. This system is rooted in nature and has helped many people heal themselves naturally!

Step 1:

  • drink 1-2 litres of herbal tea, AlkaHerb, this allows many impurities to be dissolved and eliminated
  • high raw, vegan diet recommended to allow the process to be effective biochemically
  • the food source must supply a consistent source of energy and vital substances
  • fresh salads from leafy greens and herbs for nutritive, neutralizing abilities

Step 2:

  • consumption of herbal superfood called Wurzelkraft -made with bee pollen and 100+ organic and wild plants -this ensures an adequate supply of nutritive substances necessary to support regeneration as well as proper elimination of impurities

Step 3:

  • Alkaline body or foot baths -30 mins minimum, body temp or warm, not hot.
  • Alkaline compresses for head/neck, kidneys, liver, lower legs -supports elimination of the harmful substances out of the body using the skin (3rd kidney!)
  • The question is likely to arise so I will ask it and answer it here and now! No better time then the present!

Where are all the acids/toxins coming from or why are they building up?

  • Stimulants and other ‘means of enjoyment’ (eg. caffeine)
  • Excessively athletic (lactic acid buildup)
  • Meat and animal protein consumption
  • Lack of fruits and leafy green vegetables
  • Lack of cleansing regimen
  • Lack of alkaline body care

If you change one thing today, make it be no dairy. Then as you gain confidence with eliminating certain unhealthy ‘foods’ then you may proceed by adding more fruit meals! Or beginning a herbal protocol and reducing your dead animal flesh consumption. Animal flesh of any type is damaging our health. The farming of animals alone shows the lack of intelligence and consciousness we are facing. Why wouldn’t we be focused on producing crops for immediate consumption rather than feeding herds of animals, only to ultimately consume their unhealthy meat? We don’t view the slaughtering of animals as murder so I guess we as a society have chosen to view animals as objects. Its my personal belief however that this ‘object’ is not only alive but also has a soul.

I love and respect you all and honor wherever you are on your path. Please know that I am always here to help should you have any questions along the way.

Love always,



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