There Are No Such Things as Diseases!!!

Personally I do not believe in “diseases”. They are names for health issues that the medical community decided on and that most of our civilization has agreed upon. Just names. Nothing more. Not living breathing entities “they” make them out to be. Take “Cancer” for instance. “Cancer” doesn’t  just decide to invade one’s body and then consciously spread to other areas of the body at will. And its not a death sentence or a reason to panic and succumb to “their” poisonous and detrimental approaches, which can very well kill you. My heart goes out to those who may be reading this who have never considered that there could be a better way or have had a loved one's health just get too far gone and perhaps have lost someone to chemo or "cancer".. Its a shame that people endure this type of abuse. I bring this information to your attention with the hope that it may help you understand the truth and thereby leave you feeling empowered: “Cancer” is nothing but damaged cells. We all have them to a certain extent. They can be removed by the body relatively easily. However one must provide the proper alkaline chemistry and be high in energetics…meaning eating a 100% raw diet, therefore foods in their natural state, as our Creator intended. Foods that are in whole form and provided by nature that you do not need to cook to make edible such as grains and legumes. Fruits, berries and melons primarily and some leafy greens and herbs is the first step to allow the body to heal itself from any state of Dis-Ease! The body can then more effectively remove "cancer" cells, which are usually dealt with by macrophages and carried to the lymph nodes, so they may passed through the lymphatic system for proper elimination. (More about the lymph system here.) In the situation where the body is not capable of performing this task due to the overwhelming amount of obstructions in the lymph system, a tumor grows. “Auto-Immune” conditions are another flat out lie! The medical professional would be better off to just admit that this umbrella name for countless health problems is just their way of saying they do not know what to do to help you! Its of the utmost importance to acknowledge that the whole concept of “disease” is a complete fabrication. Designed to coax you into relying on the medical industry…a billion dollar industry, with its pharmaceuticals and toxic modalities. Okay, okay, yes, let me back up a minute. I do believe there is a time and place for medications, like in emergency medicine and yes, I fully agree, surgeries are often necessary and can save lives! But at the end of the day, the entire medical system, worldwide, is doing a HUGE disservice to mankind. There is simply cause and effect, no labels. We must wake up and accept that now is our time to take our health into our own hands!!! Take full responsibility for the state we are in and that that way of eating and living no longer serves us! It is about time we realize that these so-called health professionals are NOT HEALERS! We need to relearn everything we have trusted from these individuals was truth. They don’t know any better. They learn what they learn in school, and lack true knowledge that is gained through experience, so we can not blame them. They trust that what they studied in school is valid. How could anyone say we know everything when we are constantly learning and evolving! In school, and that's true for all schools; medical etc, we are just studying other people's theories. Ask your doctor the next time you are suffering with one thing or another, if they have ever cured someone of the same problem. This should give you some faith that experimenting for yourself, might just help or at least would be better than the alternative, treating and suppressing symptoms without addressing the root cause. Now who would you rather listen to? Someone who has remedied him or herself from the same poor health symptom or someone who pushing medications to suppress the symptoms. The trusting patients allow their blind faith to lead them down a rode of suffering and sickness. In fact, it is my opinion that these patients become more ill from the toxic medications with their many side effects, let alone their millions of fatal events each year! This must stop! You have choices, you just need to reprogram a little. Rather than seeing a doctor when you don’t feel well, you can learn what is going on with the body and what it is trying to tell you. You can piece together what behaviors or diet could have been the culprit. The choice to see a healer or health coach is always available to you. Please learn more about how the body functions. Take an Anatomy and Physiology class or research the topic online. There are many YouTube videos that are great on this subject! Many individuals with their personal healing story through raw food diet and what Fruitarians eat in a day! Learn about the ‘Great Lymphatic System’ and how it’s the ‘Sewer System of the Body!’ Educate and therefore empower yourselves! There is only such thing as Dis-Ease, “diseases” do not exist! Your body is the healer! Allow it to heal by experimenting with fasting. Less is always more! Eat less, drink less, like animals in nature who instinctively fast when they are injured or during periods of hibernation. Begin by reading Arnold Ehret’s Rational Fasting and the Mucusless Diet Healing System! You can’t go wrong! Anything beats being brainwashed or accepting only what "they" want you to believe .

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